Why Through HCF?

Baldwin-House-09.15.jpgThe Gift of a Lifetime – Your Enduring Legacy

You have been fortunate. You have enjoyed success and managed your assets prudently. And you feel strongly that those resources, built carefully over a lifetime through rigorous enterprise and thoughtful investment should be used for some worthy purpose.

After the needs of your family are met, you give annually to support those organizations and causes you believe in. But now you are in a financial position that enables you to do something more. You would like the satisfaction of making a lasting impact upon the Hudson community with the knowledge that what you are now able to do with a position of your accumulated resources is clear recognition of your achievements – not merely of a year but of a lifetime.

You now have a simple, smart and meaningful way to create an enduring legacy that will benefit the community for generations to come. HCF is:

  • A means of leaving an indelible mark on Hudson by supporting its most creative thinking as it addresses the challenges ahead.
  • A way to know that your life is helping to make the world a better place.
  • A way to ensure that you, or someone you love, will be remembered.

The Satisfaction of a Well-Made Plan

However you approach setting up your fund at HCF, you will enjoy knowing that a portion of the accumulated assets of a lifetime may forever benefit this community of Hudson, and will do so in your name or the name of a loved one.

You will know that administrative and investment management costs have been minimized so that the gift you have so generously entrusted will have maximum impact over time.

But, perhaps most importantly, you will have the special satisfaction of knowing you have done your part to make the world a little better. Or, simply put, that your life’s efforts have made a difference.

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