Our Mission is to enhance the overall quality of life in Hudson by increasing charitable giving, educating and connecting donors to community needs and leading on community issues. That means supporting organizations that contribute to the long-term success of this very special community. Our core areas of interest include: Arts and Culture, Hudson Social Services, Historical and Environmental Preservation and Youth Education and Recreation.

Areas of Impact

Nonprofits supported in 2020:


  • 16 Hudson Restaurants and Retail Stores - COVID-19 Relief Grants
  • Boy Scouts of America - Great Trail Council
  • Case-Barlow Farm
  • Destination Hudson
  • Friends of Hudson Parks
  • Greenleaf Family Center - Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program
  • Habitat for Humanity of Summit County
  • Hudson City Schools
  • Hudson Community Service Association / Hudson Food Pantry
  • University Schools - Young Entrepreneurs Academy / Hudson Lemonade Day