Hudson Community Foundation positively impacts the lives of residents every day - through its philanthropic work in the community, its support of numerous, community-based organizations, and by guiding and facilitating the philanthropy of Hudson's most charitable-minded individuals, families and organizations. 

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2022 Annual Fund Campaign

Contributing To Our Annual Fund Campaign Helps Support Our Funding For The Greatest Needs in Hudson.

 With your help, we can say “Yes!” to more projects that make life better in Hudson. 

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Make every dollar count.


The standard fees donors pay for their personal charitable funds at the Hudson Community Foundation (HCF) go directly into our  philanthropic efforts and our local community. As investors ourselves, we understand the importance of a changing community and are focused on the local needs. Keep your money at home and make every dollar count toward building/enhancing our community. 


The Hudson Community Foundation does more than just facilitate donors giving. We are a grant maker, fundraiser, and involved community member. Where most financial organizations act solely as administrators, we know what it means to invest in worthy causes from first-hand experience.

The Hudson Community Foundation is knowledgeable and highly equipped to handle unique and complex transactions, working to ensure that our donors charitable giving has the most impact possible, maximizing tax and monetary benefits for clients while minimizing administrative duties.

The Hudson Community Foundation focuses on facilitating funds with the most impact and longevity. This balance is the key to creating a legacy that fundholders connect with and feel proud to pass on for generations to come.


 Start Your Fund

Not ready to open a charitable fund but still want to make a difference? Support one of our Field of Interest Funds or give directly to the Hudson Community Foundation.


Get Involved

Become a part of our community by giving through the Hudson Community Foundation! We’ll help you reach your charitable goals and maximize your impact.

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Look what we are accomplishing together!

The Hudson Community Foundation manages a growing collection of philanthropic funds created by generous individuals, families and organizations. These donors make it possible for the Foundation to continue its outreach in our community and award more than $4.9 million in grants and scholarships.

Our history is rooted in the trusted leadership and focus of community members committed to mobilizing resources for the continued enhancement of the overall quality of life in Hudson.

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What We Do

The mission of the Hudson Community Foundation is to enhance the overall quality of life in Hudson by increasing charitable giving, educating and connecting donors to community needs and leading on community issues.

How We Do It

Donor Advised Funds
Hudson Community Foundation provides a simple and flexible way for individuals to manage charitable giving while maximizing impact and minimizing tax burdens and record keeping.

Hudson NOW Fund
This unrestricted fund allows Hudson Community Foundation to collectively meet immediate and changing needs in the Hudson community.

Hudson FOREVER Fund
This fund’s purpose is to provide long term charitable giving to the Hudson community. It is the growth of this fund that ensures that the Hudson Community Foundation will have unrestricted resources available to address needs in the future

The David Hudson Legacy Society
The David Hudson Legacy Society honors those who have included a planned gift to any of the current funds or will use a planned gift to establish a fund at Hudson Community Foundation.

What Makes Us Different?

Charitable funds are available at a number of institutions, but not all funds are alike.  Many funds are sponsored by financial services companies, which limit your choices.  But Hudson Community Foundation is a local community resource. We don’t sell products, we work together with you and your financial advisor – maximum objectivity. And unlike most other programs, HCF encourages your family to be involved with your charitable giving. In fact, we have donors who have set up funds in their family’s name, making it a point to involve their children and grandchildren when selecting charitable causes. We can’t think of a better way to pass along your values of giving back.

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By giving through your community foundation, you can use your gift to meet ever-changing community needs—including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made. Your gift can target the causes and programs you care about most.

Hudson Community Foundation understands our community’s most pressing issues and can help you establish a fund to make an impact in areas of need or opportunity that are important to you.

Here are four great ways to turn your IRA into charitable-giving solutions and avoid taxes on qualified amounts you are required to take as an RMD:

Designated Fund—Helping organizations sustain and grow.

Support the good work of a specific nonprofit organization— any qualifying nonprofit charitable organization—by creating a specially Designated Fund. The community foundation will invest your gift for long-term growth and issue grants to your favorite nonprofit on a regular basis.


Scholarship funds provide donors the opportunities to offer financial support to students studying anywhere in America.

Hudson NOW or FOREVER Community Funds—Meeting ever-changing community needs.

Address a broad range of current and future needs. Hudson Community Foundation evaluates all aspects of community well-being—arts and culture, education, historical preservation, health and human services—and awards strategic grants to high-impact projects and programs.

Field of Interest Fund—Connecting personal values to high-impact opportunities.

Target gifts to the cause most important to you: arts, education, neighborhood revitalization, youth welfare and more. Hudson Community Foundation awards grants to community organizations and programs addressing your special interest area.

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