Congratulations on receiving your grant! Sharing the good news of your grant helps you publicize your organization and its good work. Hudson Community Foundation is proud to support your organization as it works to strengthen and improve the Hudson community. In turn, we believe your organization benefits by identifying itself as a recipient of foundation funds.

All grant recipients shall include mention of funding by the Hudson Community Foundation in all press releases, website mentions, newsletters, brochures, annual reports or other promotional materials related to the project/program. Please include: “This project/program is supported by a grant from The Hudson Community Foundation.”  

To help you communicate the impact of your work, below are a few guidelines:

Publicizing Your Grant

By publicizing your grant, you will build awareness and credibility for your work while recognizing the donors who help make these grants possible.  Organizations awarded with a grant are required to publicly acknowledge the grant, in the following areas:

  • Newsletter: If organization produces newsletter - please state: This event/program/organization is generously supported by Hudson Community Foundation.
  • Press Releases/Publicity

For press releases, please include: “This organization is supported by a grant from The Hudson Community Foundation.”

  • Social Media:  At least one acknowledgement on each of your social media channels
  • Annual Report:  Acknowledgement of the grant in any annual report that you might produce.
  • Website Link:  When mentioning the foundation’s support on your website, please include a link to


  • HCF Logo (preferred) or name to appear on any marketing materials related to the grant award.

Printed Pieces/Marketing Materials:

  • Download the HCF Logo
  • If needed, you may request an .eps file or grayscale logo from the HCF by sending an email to Amy Jordan at:
  • Please note that if your logo appears in color on the printed piece, the HCF must also appear in color.
  • The HCF logo must appear at a size that is no less than 25% of the organization’s logo size.
  • If you do not include our logo (preferred), you must include the line: “This program/project/event is supported by a grant from The Hudson Community Foundation.”


In order to be considered for future grants, your organization must complete a Grant Recipient Report and include all marketing/publicity of the grant.


Grant Recipient Report

Final Grant Reports are an important part of the grant process. They provide us with information about how grant funds were used and the impact the project made in the community. Completion and submission of this report is required to close-out the grant.  Click here for Grant Recipient Report