Some giving requires advanced planning


Give more than you ever thought possible

Many people like to include a charitable gift in their wills or trusts. When you combine your overall financial and estate planning with such planned gifts, you can minimize your tax burden, provide for your family, honor loved ones, preserve your family name, and reinforce your personal values. Furthermore, you can make significant charitable contributions to your favorite causes — gifts that may not be possible in your current financial position.

Do you want to:

  • Avoid tax on retirement plan assets?
    • Name HCF a beneficiary of this most heavily taxed asset and leave other assets to family.
  • Give charitably from your estate while providing adequately for your family?
    • Name Hudson Community Foundation as one of your beneficiaries
  • Defer a gift until you know you will not need the resources?
  • Supplement income for life and make a charitable gift at the same time?
    • Establish a charitable remainder trust.
  • Reduce gift and estate tax when passing assets on to family?
    • Consider a charitable lead trust.
  • Make a significant gift at little cost to you?
    • Name HCF a beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy.

Distributing your estate’s charitable gifts

HCF offers you flexible options to make distributing the charitable portion of your estate simple for your estate executor and easy for nonprofit recipients. You choose your favorite nonprofits, including local, national, or religious organizations, and specify how much you want each organization to receive. We distribute the charitable gifts on your behalf, either in a lump sum or in annual distributions over a period of years determined by you.

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Partnering with us saves you money now and time later when giving through your estate plan.