It is easy to get started with a fund at the Hudson Community Foundation.

A simple fund agreement and an initial tax-deductible gift are all you need to create your charitable giving account.

HCF is your partner in charitable giving!

We strive to help donors achieve their philanthropic goals, and work with your professional advisors. We provide a wide variety of giving options, types of funds and complete support services to allow donors to turn their charitable dreams into reality today, and as their permanent legacy.

HCF is a public charity, but does not promote any one charitable cause.  Rather, HCF is committed to expanding the capacity of family philanthropy - no matter where you live. You do not need to live in Hudson as we do not restrict grants to a geographical area.  You can give to the non profit organizations that matter most to you anywhere in the country. With us, your trusted professional advisor can manage the charitable investments of your fund, regardless of the account size. The fund can be as large as you choose, with a minimum of $5,000. 

How a Donor Advised Fund Works

Types of Funds:

Hudson Community Foundation offers different types of funds to assist you in designing a charitable giving plan that is exactly suited to your needs and interests.


Donor Advised Funds

Hudson Community Foundation's most flexible fund, under the Donor Advised fund option, you create a fund in your name without naming any specific charitable institutions. Instead, you retain the right to advise HCF on your charitable desires, including who will manage the investments, who will receive grants from your fund, and finally whether you would like to name a successor when you die or make other arrangements.


Designated Fund

In the Designated Fund, you name a particular charity or charities to benefit from the fund. Each year, Hudson Community Foundation distributes grants to those charities according to your specifications. You have the assurance of knowing that, if the organization you selected ceases to exist or the purpose of the grant cannot be met, Hudson Community Foundation’s Board will preserve your original intent by redirecting the fund toward the closest similar use. A scholarship is an example of a Designated Fund.


Field of Interest Fund*

Field of Interest Funds allow you to address a cause of particular importance to you without being locked into naming specific charities. Hudson Community Foundation identifies important needs in the community which may be targets of your philanthropy including Youth Education and Recreation; Arts and Culture; Hudson Social Services; Historical and Environmental Preservation. In addition you can specify your own field of interest. You name the purpose of the fund; Hudson Community Foundation’s Board identifies the charitable projects that can most effectively accomplish your goals at any given time.


Unrestricted Fund*

An Unrestricted Fund is your broadest option. With an Unrestricted Fund in your name, you can reach out to all of the charitable organizations serving the Hudson Community with a focus on: Youth Education and Recreation, Arts and Culture, Hudson Social Services, Historical and Environmental Preservation. Hudson Community Foundation makes grants to those charities and causes that best meet the community’s most pressing needs and promising opportunities.  By making a gift or bequest to create an unrestricted fund, you can create a living legacy in your name that will grow and change as the community does.

*Contributions can be made directly from your IRA and avoid taxation


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Other types of Funds available for you to choose:

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