Each of your clients has unique financial and charitable goals. It can be difficult to support your clients’ charitable interests without giving up assets under your management.  

Hudson Community Foundation’s (HCF) solution….you manage the investments on your platform.

HCF offers a variety of charitable giving options that provide simple, flexible, efficient ways to help your clients manage their charitable giving.

You can help your clients with powerful tax advantages, and provide flexibility to make grants on their timetable, build their charitable legacy, and increase their philanthropic funds for future grant making.


How it works

  • Your client requests that you are retained to manage the assets that they will donate to establish a fund.
  • Your client and HCF enter into an agreement to open a Donor Advised Fund.
  • The HCF Investment Committee will provide guidelines for our investment strategies.


Donor Advised Fund Application

Donor Brochure

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