An organizational/agency fund at the Hudson Community Foundation allows your charitable organization to receive and utilize an annual financial distribution as determined by your Board of Directors.

We help nonprofits sustain their charitable mission by building endowments funds.

Advantages of an Organization/Agency Fund at HCF:

Creating your non-profit fund at Hudson Community Foundation will be a step towards permanent funding for your organization's mission.

Services provided include:

  • Professional Investment Management
    Agency funds assets are placed into an investment account at the Hudson Community Foundation to build and preserve the funds in perpetuity. An agency fund relieves your organization’s staff and Board of Directors from the accounting and management of its invested funds.
  • Increased Organizational Visibility
    Nonprofits organizations with agency funds at HCF join our larger giving community. Agency funds are featured in HCF’s publications which receives widespread circulation. The publication offers donors the opportunity to support your organization ensuring long-term security, particularly through an endowment fund.
  • Eliminates Your Non-Profit Administration - 
    HCF staff processes all gift acknowledgements and provides your organization with quarterly statements of fund activity. - No burden to your organizations of gift processing, gift acknowledgements, tax receipts, and financial reporting.
  • More Giving Options For Your Donors
    We accept a variety of assets – both current and through planned giving, including cash, real estate, closely-held securities and much more.  This allows your organization to receive complex gifts that may be difficult for you to process.
  • Planned Giving Services
    HCF administers charitable gifts through planned giving, which can include direct gifts to agency funds. HCF serves as a partner by administering the gifts and working with potential donors and their professional advisors to answer gift planning inquiries.

How To Open An Organizational / Agency Fund:


Ready to put your ideas into action? In three simple steps, your organization can begin its charitable journey with HCF.

Step 1: Decide on investment amount

We accept a variety of assets – both current and through planned giving, including cash, real estate, wills and revocable trusts and much more. Agency funds can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000.

Step 2: Determine the longevity of the fund

The fund can be endowed or non-endowed.

An endowment means HCF invests the capital and provides your organization with an annual income from the fund, dependent upon investment market performance. The initial investment remains un-touched, ensuring that your gift is a permanent source of funding for your organization to use according to your guidelines.

A non-endowed fund utilizes your donated capital in its entirety. It does generate interest over time because it is invested into a fund. When all of the capital has been administered according to your guidelines, the fund ceases to exist.

Step 3: Contact our staff

When your organization would like to review a fund agreement to open the fund, contact our office. We look forward to exploring the possibility of establishing an agency fund with your organization at the Hudson Community Foundation.