What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A simple, flexible and tax-efficient way to give to your favorite charities.

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable investment account, for the purpose of supporting charitable organizations you care about throughout the U.S.  The fund is established by making a contribution of cash, securities or other assets at Hudson Community Foundation. You and your family can enjoy immediate and maximum tax advantages, make grants on a flexible timetable, build your charitable legacy, and increase your philanthropic funds for future grantmaking. Setting up a Donor Advised Fund with Hudson Community Foundation (HCF) is simple and straightforward.   A minimum of $5,000 to open a fund.  No cost to set up.  Grows tax free! You decide when to grant (allocate funds to charities) anywhere in the United States.  One tax receipt for your charitable giving.






What Makes HCF Different than other Donor Advised Fund sponsors?

Charitable funds are available at a number of institutions, but not all funds are alike.  Many funds are sponsored by financial services companies, which limit your choices.  But Hudson Community Foundation is truly independent.  We don’t sell products, our independence gives you – and your financial advisor – maximum objectivity.  HCF encourages your family to be involved with your charitable giving.  We can’t think of a better way to pass along your values of giving back.


Easy Steps To The Satisfaction of a Well-Made Plan:

  • Open a fund with a low minimum of $5,000 - Easy, No-Cost to Set Up
  • Your trusted professional advisor can manage the charitable investments of your fund, regardless of the account size.
  • HCF is a public charity, a sponsoring organization of charitable funds - we do not promote any one charitable cause - you can give to charities anywhere in the country.
  • HCF has the highest standards in stewardship and integrity respecting donor's intent.  Confirmed in Compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations 
  • Receive an immediate and maximum income tax deduction - one tax receipt
  • Avoiding capital gains taxes if the gift is appreciated long-term property
  • Avoiding estate tax, assets invested can grow tax-free, and reduced AMT, if applicable


Why HCF?

Hudson Community Foundation enables simple, smart and meaningful family philanthropy.  

We offer several advantages, to name a few:

Simplicity – A charitable fund with us is an easy, low-cost alternative to forming and administering a private foundation.

Tax Benefits – We offer maximum federal and state tax benefits.

Flexibility – We accept a wide variety of gifts and have a number of fund options to fit your charitable needs.

Community Impact – We are deeply involved with the needs in the community and can direct gift dollars to high-impact areas.  Although, you do not need to live in Hudson as we do not restrict grants to a geographical area.  You can give to the organizations that matter most to you anywhere in the country.

Stability – Our standards for investment performance, donor services and grantmaking are published and publicly available. The Hudson Community Foundation has been a trustworthy steward of charitable gifts since 2000.

Transparency – The administrative fees assessed by the Hudson Community Foundation are available at your request. Investment evaluation of performance are overseen by our Investment Committee of current board members and community leaders with expertise in investment analysis.


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