Advantages of Working with HCF

We hope you’ll think of the Hudson Community Foundation first when you have your clients’ charitable interests in mind. The Hudson Community Foundation offers you and your clients several distinct advantages:

Simplicity – A charitable fund with us is an easy, low-cost alternative to forming and administering a private foundation.

Tax Benefits – We offer maximum federal and state tax benefits.

Flexibility – We accept a wide variety of gifts and have a number of fund options to fit your clients’ needs.

Community Impact – We are deeply involved with the needs in the community and can direct gift dollars to high-impact areas.  Although, your client does not need to live in Hudson as we do not restrict grants to a geographical area.  They give to the organizations that matter most to them across the country. 

Stability – Our standards for investment performance, donor services and grantmaking are published and publicly available. The Hudson Community Foundation has been a trustworthy steward of charitable gifts since 2000. We are proud to be accredited by the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

Transparency – The administrative fees assessed by the Hudson Community Foundation are available at your request. Investment evaluation of performance are overseen by our Investment Committee of current board members and community leaders with expertise in investment analysis.

By integrating the unique benefits of philanthropy with overall financial and estate planning, you can ensure that your clients are receiving the full benefits of their contributions while supporting the charitable causes of their choice.

For 23 years, HCF has worked closely with wealth, tax and legal advisors.  Uniquely, with Hudson Community Foundation, you can remain their trusted advisor and manage the charitable investments of your clients, regardless of the account size.  Donor funds can be as large as they choose, with a minimum of $5,000.  Grants can be made to any tax-exempt public charity anywhere in the country.

Some of the circumstances in which carefully planned gifts can result in significant, direct advantages to your clients or their heirs are:

  • when your client is involved in planning his or her estate, or writing or revising a will
  • when your client is contemplating the sale of a business or other major asset
  • when your client is planning retirement
  • when your client has received a financial windfall on the death of a loved one

During the 23 years since HCF’s founding, individuals, families and businesses have contributed over $54 million to create individual named funds and to support causes they care about.

During this time, $30+ million in grants were made throughout the country, 

Hudson Community Foundation enables simple, smart and meaningful family philanthropy.  Although HCF is itself a public charity, it does not promote any one charitable cause.  Rather, HCF is committed to expanding the capacity of family philanthropy - no matter where your client lives.  Because of this unique mission, HCF can assist your clients to achieve their goals in ways not available through other organizations or strategies.  We are available as a resource to you and your clients.  And you stay involved in the management of these meaningful assets.

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