Like many advisors that promote their independence as one of the primary reasons clients should select their firms, Hudson Community Foundation (HCF) offers a truly independent donor advised fund (DAF) program. HCF works with advisors from all firms and banks on virtually all custodial platforms.

While many commercial DAF programs restrict advisor management to accounts above $250,000 or $1,000,000 and some do not allow management at all, HCF allows advisors to manage their clients’ charitable assets regardless of account size without being forced to pick from a restricted family of funds or pools.  HCF does not offer its own investments, thus ensuring it will not compete with advisors or firms that bring their clients to HCF. 

Our donor advised fund accounts are also portable, so if your switch custodians, the donor and advisor can keep the HCF DAF account.

We are an independent organization with beginning-to-end capabilities.  We don’t use a call center. We are here to answer questions and be a personal resource for effective charitable giving.

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