Field of Interest Funds allow you to address a cause of particular importance to you without being locked into naming specific charities. HCF identifies important needs in the community which may be targets of your philanthropy including:

  • Youth Education and Recreation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Hudson Social Services
  • Historical and Environmental Preservation

In addition you can specify your own field of interest. You name the purpose of the fund; HCF’s Board identifies the charitable projects that can most effectively accomplish your goals at any given time.

The field of interest fund is most appropriate if:

  • You have an abiding interest in a particular charitable cause rather than specific organizations.
  • You recognize that charitable organizations may change their mission and effectiveness over time, or they may lose their charitable status.
  • You want knowledgeable and professional help in carrying on your philanthropic interests after your death.
  • You are considering creating a private foundation to support a particular charitable cause.