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Convened by the Hudson Community Foundation, Hudson 2040 is a community wide strategic visioning and planning initiative with a simple mission: "Create a better Hudson for the next generation."  Hudson 2040 engages community members, businesses, non-profits, education, philanthropy, and government in creating a shared vision, one that leverages Hudson's current assets and unlocks the power of collaboration across sectors.


Why HCF?

We are a community fund set up specifically to enhance Hudson’s quality of life here in Hudson forever. We represent the shared values of the broadest coalition of Hudsonites that includes philanthropists, foundations, organizations, residents, entrepreneurs, government, non-profits, individuals and businesses – making us the best entity with the diversity, will, continuity, and funding to get this done.

HCF is doing this as a way to “pay forward” the vision of early leaders, and a way to “give back” to the generations who will come after.


How does Hudson 2040 fit with the City of Hudson's Comprehensive Plan?




Comprehensive Plan Study

Comprehensive Plan Executed

Hudson 2040/HCF

Defend and Protect

Extend and Enhance

Most livable small city in the nation


  • The Comprehensive Plan focused on the next 10 years and Hudson 2040 focused on the next generation (25 years).
  • The Comprehensive Plan focuses on infrastructure (land use, transportation, development) and is the platform upon which Hudson 2040 will launch its plan to build an ideal small city for the next generation.
  • Hudson 2040 focuses on ideals and aspirations for the community in terms of diversity, individualism, values, stewardship, philanthropy and lifestyles.
  • The Comprehensive Plan is confined by today’s fiscal constraints; Hudson 2040 will draw upon the inspiration and resources of philanthropists, business, foundations, organization and residents to achieve its goals. 

Please visit the Comprehensive Plan 2015 on the City of Hudson's website:     http://www.hudson.oh.us/index.aspx?NID=694

Please visit the Hudson City Schools Board of Education 2015-2018 Strategic Plan:  http://online.flipbuilder.com/whdo/sobr/mobile/index.html#p=1