An unrestricted fund is your broadest option. With an unrestricted fund in your name, you can reach out to all of the charitable organizations serving the Hudson Community with a focus on:

  • Youth Education and Recreation
  • Arts and Culture
  • Hudson Social Services
  • Historical and Environmental Preservation

HCF grants funds to those charities and causes that best meet the community’s most pressing needs as those needs change over time. By making a gift or bequest to create an unrestricted fund, you can create a living legacy in your name that will grow and change as the community does.

The unrestricted fund is best suited if:

  • You want to have the broadest impact on the community over time.
  • Your motivation is to “give back to the community” rather than to support a particular charitable organization or cause.
  • You have broad charitable interests or are considering creating a private foundation for broad charitable purposes.
  • You recognize that community agencies and community needs change over time and you want your philanthropy to remain relevant and flexible to respond to those changes as they evolve.