Keep Your Investment Manager for your Donor Advised Fund

Amy Jordan |

Hudson Community Foundation (HCF) understands the importance of longstanding relationships between clients and their investment managers.  When an individual, family, nonprofit or company establishes a fund with HCF, the donor can choose for their investment advisor to manage the charitable assets. HCF allows advisors to manage their clients’ charitable assets regardless of account size.  Each fund is individually managed without being forced to pick from a restricted group of funds or pools.  HCF does not offer its own investments, thus ensuring it will not compete with advisors or firms that bring their clients to HCF.

Our donor advised fund accounts are portable, so if you switch custodians, the donor and advisor can keep the HCF DAF account.

It is easy to get started with a fund at the Hudson Community Foundation.  No cost to set-up.

We are here to help!  Learn more --- simple, smart, flexible tools for charitable giving.