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Amy Jordan |

A recent survey about trust offered a bit of a surprise, that nonprofits placed second in trust behind small businesses, and smaller, local nonprofits are more highly trusted than larger, national entities. Respondents also felt that nonprofits involved with human services, animal welfare, healthcare, youth development, and the arts were the most trusted to “do the right thing.” This is encouraging news for your clients who work with the Hudson Community Foundation, which, by definition is focused on local issues and a deep, grass roots knowledge of the community and the organizations that improve quality of life. 

Many eyes are on the Charitable Act, which, if passed, would allow for deductible charitable contributions that exceed the standard deduction. The Charitable Act proposes to restore the pandemic-era “universal charitable deduction” and raise the cap from $300 for individuals ($600 for joint filers) to approximately $4,600 for individuals ($9,200 for joint filers). 

Among the earliest to sign the Giving Pledge, in 2011, Charles Feeney died on October 9, 2023 in San Francisco. His modest style of philanthropy evolved over 40 years from near-anonymity to highly visible, with more than $8 billion donated, including more than $1 billion to Cornell University. Feeney embodied a “give-while-you-live” spirit. An inspiration to many philanthropists, Feeney’s legacy may be of particular interest to your clients who’d like to leave a legacy–perhaps anonymously–by working with the community foundation.  

Reach out to Hudson Community Foundation for assistance or to discover ideas related to charitable giving. We are here to help you serve your philanthropic clients and support the success and longevity of your client relationships.

We welcome conversations to help donors give to their favorite causes. Hudson Community Foundation enables simple, smart and meaningful family philanthropy.  Although HCF is itself a public charity, it does not promote any one charitable cause.  Rather, HCF is committed to expanding the capacity of family philanthropy - no matter where you live.

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With a fund at Hudson Community Foundation (HCF), advisors can manage the charitable assets on their preferred platform at any amountAssets stay under your management. You can provide your clients with the consistent investment advice they expect. We are your partner in charitable giving!

The team at HCF is a resource as you serve your philanthropic clients. We understand the charitable side and are happy to serve as a secondary source as you manage the primary relationship with your clients. This blog is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended as legal, accounting, or financial planning advice.