Ways to Maximize Your Clients’ Giving

Amy Jordan |

The Hudson Community Foundation collaborates with professional advisors (wealth, tax, legal and insurance advisors) across the country to maximize their clients’ giving.

Over 21 years, we have grown to one of the Top 25 foundations in Northeast Ohio, managing more than $28 million in assets. We are proud to be accredited by the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations®, meeting the nation’s highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity, and accountability.

Why Choose HCF:


Because of your trusted relationship with your client, we understand that your clients set up donor-advised funds and other charitable giving accounts. We are here to partner with you in their charitable giving with an easy, no cost to set up program that includes you selecting the charitable investment account platform and managing these charitable dollars.

Beyond donor-advised funds, we offer an array of charitable tools. We help clients navigate the fund types, which might include designated funds, scholarship funds, or field-of-interest funds.


We provide high quality professional service to your clients, no matter the size of their account. Clients have access to our professional staff dedicated to promptly answering calls and emails, and they can conduct their giving confidentially and securely.


We offer simple, smart, easy philanthropy since giving should be easy and low cost. Your clients can establish a donor-advised fund for all their giving, with the simplicity of one tax receipt and they choose when and where to gift throughout the country.

•           Low initial contribution - $5,000

•           No minimum additional contribution.

•           No limit to the number of successor advisors or charitable beneficiaries.


We were founded on Family Philanthropy, so future generations can continue to give in perpetuity. We can also collaborate with you to conduct your client’s charitable intent after their lifetime, while you build relationships with the next generation.

As a community foundation, we are governed by an independent board, not connected to a commercial organization that can be sold, merged, or dissolved. We will exist to serve generations to come.

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