Women and Philanthropy In The Spotlight

Amy Jordan |

What do Sheryl Sandberg and Lizzo have in common? For starters, both have been featured in the media recently about their commitment to philanthropy. The two are among many examples of the rising numbers of women who are publicly demonstrating their commitment to philanthropy as a positive force to improve quality of life for the communities they care about.

Whether you are advising women who are giving solo or as part of a couple, it is worth checking out Women Give 2021: How Households Make Giving Decisions, a study conducted by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The authors of the study observed notable trends in how partners approach giving. For example, according to the report:

  • More than 61% of couples make charitable giving decisions jointly.
  • When decisions are made by one member of a couple, and that couple includes one woman, the woman is more likely to be that decision maker.
  • Couples tend to agree on the amount and recipients of their philanthropic investments.

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Amy Jordan, President


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