You Can Make a Charitable Difference in YOUR Community

Amy Jordan |

More and more people are beginning to recognize the benefits of donor-advised funds, not only as a powerful tool for organizing charitable giving, but also because of the sheer dollar volume flowing out of these vehicles. To that end, a recent report noted that one in five charities received a grant from a donor-advised fund in 2021.

Proposed legislation known as the Charitable Act appears to be gaining momentum. The bill calls for making available a “below the line” deduction to taxpayers who do not itemize on their tax return. This proposed deduction is slated to reach up to one-third of the standard deduction (around $4,600 for an individual filer and around $9,200 for married joint filers). In addition to providing an overall boost to charitable giving, the intent is that enabling all taxpayers to benefit from the charitable deduction might help reverse the decline in recent years in the number of households giving to charity each year.

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