Thank you for choosing HCF to open your charitable fund.

As a current fund advisor, you can expect to receive a high level of personalized service from the Hudson Community Foundation’s staff.

We are here to serve you and help you achieve your philanthropic goals.




If you are a current donor advised fund holder at the Hudson Community Foundation, and you would like to recommend grants from your fund, you have two options:

  1. Download our Grant Recommendation Form and fax us a copy at 330-650-3588, email to or mail to 49 East Main Street, Hudson, Ohio 44236
  2. Contact our office for assistance in completing the form (330) 655-3580

Donor/Advisors may submit grant recommendations at any time. HCF processes grants on an ongoing basis. Normally, HCF distributes grant checks within 14 days of receiving your recommendation.


Grants to Charitable Organizations

Grants will only be made to organizations that are tax-exempt public charities, or to local government entities (e.g. public schools or park systems) for charitable purposes. Non-operating private foundations are not eligible to receive grants.

Hudson Community Foundation only approves grants that are used exclusively in furtherance of charitable purposes. HCF will not approve a grant that would confer an impermissible private benefit on a Donor/Advisor or other specific person. Grants may not be used for any pre-existing pledge (under IRS rules, a pledge is considered a personal obligation of the maker, and to use a Donor Advised Fund grant to satisfy such an obligation would be considered an impermissible private benefit). Other impermissible private benefits include grants for school tuition or scholarships sent directly to individuals, certain dues or membership fees, goods bought at charitable auctions, tickets for charitable events that entitle the attendees to any material benefit, or any other non-charitable purpose. Grants may not be used for lobbying, political contributions, or for support of political campaign activities


Additional Forms/Documents for your reference: