th5J5CWOHX.jpgA Donor Advised Fund is a family foundation alternative that provides a simple, flexible, efficient way to manage your charitable giving. You and your family can enjoy immediate and maximum tax advantages, make grants on a flexible time table, build your charitable legacy, and increase your philanthropic funds for future grant making.

Setting up a Donor Advised Fund with HCF is simple and straightforward. You, or your financial advisor, can fax or mail us your completed application (which can be downloaded from our website at Once your completed application is received in our office, usually your fund can be established in less than a day.


Save Taxes in Four Ways

  1. Your gift qualifies for an immediate income tax deduction (the highest available).
  2. You avoid capital gains on gifts of appreciated property.
  3. Since these gifts are no longer in your estate, they are not subject to estate taxes.
  4. Your assets in the Donor Advised Fund grow tax-free.